Contact Admissions

General Contact Info

Toll Free: 800.906.8312
Fax: 802.454.1029

Lucy Bourgeault

Director of Admissions

Direct: 802.322.1676
Toll Free: 800.906.8312 ext. 266

Renée Almatierra

Associate Director of Admissions

Partnerships Liaison, MFA In Interdisciplinary Arts, MA Individualized, MA Health Arts and Sciences, and MA Social Innovation and Sustainability

Direct: (802) 322-3512

Toll Free: 800.906.8312

Kaleb Gates

Admissions Counselor

MFA in Creative Writing, BFA in Creative Writing, Individualized BA (Eastern US), BA in Sustainability

Direct: (802) 232-2561?

Open Position

Admissions Counselor

BA and MA Psychology and Counseling programs

Toll Free: 800.906.8312

Marisol Gonzalez

MA and BA in Education, BFA in Socially Engaged Art, BA-Individualized (Western US), BA Health Arts and Sciences

Julie VanDenBergh

Admissions Administrative Coordinator

Direct: 802-322-1618

Toll Free: 1-800-906-8312

Erin Gravelle

Partnerships Coordinator

Direct: 802-322-1674

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