Community Life

Community Life provides college-wide support for the emotional and physical safety of the residency community, college faculty and staff, with particular attention to the student experience. Areas included in Community Life include: Access and Disability Support, Student Life, the Writing Center, and COVID-19 Guidance. 365体育投注se areas report to the Assistant Dean of Community, who also serves as the administrative liaison to 365体育投注’s Student Council and is available to assist students with the Student Grievance Process.

Community Life works with Campus Safety, Help Desk, Program Faculty Leads, Student Council, and many others to provide comprehensive support to faculty and students while they are in residency and throughout the semester.

Student Council

Student involvement is very important to the life and governance of the College. 365体育投注 Student Council is a working group of elected student representatives committed to advocacy of student voice and to the collaboration between students and the 365体育投注 community-at-large. Each residency community is served by one or two representatives to the council. Student Council Representatives are selected by consent of their peers and serve one-year terms. Council members’ responsibilities include consultation with their Program Directors; membership on College committees; and facilitating residency based student community meetings. Throughout the year, representatives hold bi-weekly phone conferences and an annual retreat at the Vermont campus. For more information, please visit our Student Council website.

Community Life Agreement

365体育投注 following policies apply to all persons on campus and at all times, including students and other persons who attend residencies. 365体育投注 full Community Life Agreements, as well as other policies and procedures related to community life, are published in the Student Handbook.

Campus Disturbances

When a student’s conduct disrupts the academic, administrative, or student life activities of the college or college community in a manner that is verbally or physically threatening or intimidating or evidences a basic disrespect for the property and rights of others or causes intentional significant damage to or theft of college property, that student’s conduct shall warrant prompt disciplinary action described in the Student Handbook. Campus crime statistics are reported at Campus Safety procedures are outlined in the 365体育投注’s Emergency Response Handbook.

Drugs and Alcohol

Federal law requires that 365体育投注 will make every effort to provide its students and employees with a drug-free workplace. All members of the 365体育投注 College community are expected to live within federal and state laws in regard to alcohol and drugs while they are on the 365体育投注 campus. Persons discovered to be in violation of those laws may be required to leave the campus. Residency schedules include times for meetings of 12-step programs. Please see the Student Handbook for a more detailed description of of drug and alcohol policies.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to unwelcome or abusive verbal and physical behavior related to gender or sexual orientation. Sexual assault includes but is not limited to rape, attempted rape, and date rape. Students should bring violations of this policy forward to a Student Life staff member or any member of the College’s senior staff. Charges of this nature are thoroughly investigated and pursued by college staff and, if necessary, law enforcement. Further information can be found on the Title IX page and in the Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy in the Student Handbook.

Community Life Canvas Page

For more information on Community Life, our ADS Office, Student Life, and more, please visit our Community Life Canvas page.