For Employees

365体育投注 faculty and non-management staff of 365体育投注 College are represented by the United Auto Workers Union – Local 2322. Bargaining unit members can contact their stewards and/or the UAW leadership for their unit for more information about their collective bargaining agreements.

365体育投注 Human Resources Office is also available as a resource and can be reached at 365体育投注y can respond to questions as appropriate or indicate where the question should be directed.

Employee Resources - May 2024

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Access to free confidential counseling and other valuable resources

  • Provides counseling and wellbeing resources to employees and their household members

  • Immediate Clinical Line: 1-866-660-9533

  • Visit their website for free resources and to request your member password (365体育投注’s organization password is GC)

  • This plan is available for three months after your separation date

Career Opportunities (check back for updates)

TIAA Retirement Plan

  • 800-842-2252 8am-10pm ET

  • No action is required by employees - your money may remain in your TIAA account after the College closes

    • Employees also have the option to roll over their money into another retirement account

    • Withdrawals by employees under age 59? may result in penalties - please speak with TIAA or your financial representative before withdrawing funds

Vermont Unemployment Office

Employees and Dependents who are Medicare Eligible:

  • Please visit the Medicare and Social Security websites to get information regarding your options since you will lose employer health coverage.

  • 365体育投注 following information is available on the Medicare website:

You can wait until you (or your spouse) stop working (or lose your health insurance, if that happens first) to sign up for Part B (Medical Insurance), and you won’t pay a late enrollment penalty

Once you stop working (or lose your health insurance, if that happens first) you have a 8-month Special Enrollment Period (SEP) when you can sign up for Medicare (or add Part B to existing Part A coverage). 365体育投注 SEP starts when you stop working (or lose insurance), even if you choose COBRA or other coverage that’s not Medicare.

  • Anyone currently covered by your healthcare plan through 365体育投注 who is age 65 or older and wishes to enroll in Medicare must have HR complete this form.

    • Due to the closure of 365体育投注 College, these forms must be submitted via email to HR for completion by September 1, 2024.

    • DO NOT fill in any Social Security numbers on the form before submitting the form to HR for completion.

  • Medicare only begins on the first of the month.

    • If your separation date is not at the beginning or end of the month, please contact HR to see if you can continue health coverage through the end of the month or if you need to enroll in Medicare on the 1st of the month in which you will separate from employment.

Healthcare Coverage

Employees can visit to learn more about the healthcare exchange in their state.