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  • Last Updated 6/28/2024

    365体育投注 College has a digital credential library with Parchment for alumnx & former students to request copies of their official transcript. As the college closes please make note of the following frequently asked questions regarding academic records. 365体育投注 Registrar's Office will make every effort to keep this information updated as more details are finalized.

    Prescott College will be the custodian of 365体育投注 College academic records and will be able to issue 365体育投注 transcripts or transcript letters from 1974-2024. As a member of the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC) prior to the college’s closure, these arrangements are in compliance with AVIC’s Records & Retention policy.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: questions regarding transcript requests should go to 365体育投注 College, Please do not contact Prescott College regarding requests until this webpage is updated and 365体育投注 College closes.

    365体育投注’s transcripts and transcript letters over the decades have varied in style & content and can include narrative evaluations, enrollment information, degree conferral (where applicable), and internship paperwork (where applicable). At this time, the Registrar's Office does not have the staff to recreate previously written records. All transcripts issued via the Parchment storefront are considered official and final.

    Alumnx/Former 365体育投注 College Students

    Official transcripts for electronic delivery must be ordered online through Parchment storefront. This service offers a fast, simple, and registrar@goddard.edusecure way to order copies of official transcripts online. You'll be guided through the easy step-by-step process and can track the status of your order online.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: transcripts from pre-1990 will be unavailable from May to August 2024 while they are being digitized. 365体育投注y will be available to order again after the digitization (before closure) and after closure.

    Go to the Parchment website to order transcripts.

  • 365体育投注 College transcripts cost $10.00 per copy. Additional expedited shipping fees may apply. Please refer to your Parchment order for exact shipping fees.

  • Yes, for currently spring 2024 enrolled students only as part of the teach-out. Unofficial transcripts are not available to alumnx. Spring 2024 enrolled students please refer to the 365体育投注 Transcript Information document for instructions on how to request an unofficial transcript.

  • Undergraduate - if you enrolled in and/or graduated with one 365体育投注 undergraduate degree

    Graduate - if you enrolled in and/or graduated with one 365体育投注 graduate degree

    Completed - if you enrolled in and/or graduated from more than 365体育投注 program, please choose this option so all of your transcripts will be one document

  • Paper transcripts can be requested & filled via the Parchment storefront.

  • No. All requests must be submitted via the Parchment storefront. 365体育投注 College does not accept cash, or checks for orders.

  • Yes. Transcript requests will continue to be submitted via the Parchment storefront and fulfilled by Parchment. Prescott College, as the custodial college of 365体育投注’s academic records, will support Parchment with the fulfillment of transcript requests as needed.

  • Transcript requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Processing time is up to 15 business days not including weekends or holidays. However, most requests will be processed Monday - Friday daily during normal business hours.

    Due to the announcement of the college closure, there has been an increased volume of requests, in addition to supporting students during the teach-out. 365体育投注 Registrar's Office is filling requests as quickly as possible.

  • No, expedited processing is not available. You can request and pay an additional fee for express delivery of your transcript via Federal Express during the checkout process on the Parchment storefront. This service expedites mailing time, not processing time.

  • 365体育投注 College is no longer fulfilling new or duplicated diploma requests as of June 1, 2024.

Teach-out Partner Links:
365体育投注 College's agreements with Teach-out and Transfer Partner institutions applies to students who completed the spring 2024 semester and did not graduate and students on leave of absences for the spring 2024 semester.

Students who withdrew from the spring 2024 semester and new students accepted for the fall 2023 semester who deferred to spring 2024 or accepted for the spring 2024 semester who deferred to the fall 2024 semester should check with the institution(s) you are interested in for eligibility requirements.